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NACIFIC AUSTRALIA | The Birth of Natural Beauty

The Story of NACIFIC with SKZ

The Story of NACIFIC with SKZ

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- Fresh Herb Origin Serum 50ml (1ea)
- Fresh Herb Origin Mist Serum 100ml (1ea)
- Vegan Sun Essence 50g (1ea)
- Super Clean Foam Cleanser 50ml (1ea)
- Vita Ceramide Mask Pack 30g (1ea)
- AHABHA Balancing Mask Pack 30g (1ea)
- Cica Tea Tree Relaxing Mask Pack 30g (1ea)
+ Stray Kids Photo Card (8ea)
+ Stray Kids Special Storybook (36p)

  • SKZ 4-CUT Photobooth 1st (8ea)
  • SKZ 4-CUT Photobooth 2nd (8ea)
  • SKZ Pink Lenticular (8ea)
  • SKZ in Black (8ea)
  • SKZ My Diary (8ea)
  • SKZ Love Present (8ea)
  • SKZ Hyal Booster (8ea)
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